Reckless RC Podcast

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Episode 1

First discussion will be a little intro of how we started the Reckless RC name and the friends we made a long the way. We will also chat about a topic that has came up a lot lately (which is weird lol). Marijuana use and why a lot of RC folks smoke it. Lol.

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Episode 2

Tonight we talked about some of our favorite rides past and present. We also talk about our favorite places to crawl and play. Come and chat and remember to like and subscribe!

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Podcast Episode #3

You will not want to miss this Podcast! Not only will we talk about our trail stories, but we also want to hear yours. From your funny moments to your happiest moments. And everything in between! Also we will be Giving away the Team Associated MT28! LIVE on the podcast. Podcast will start at 7:15PM Why are we GIVING AWAY the MT28? Because you all helped us get to that 2k subscriber mark. Sorry we can only give away one. We are still broke. LOL.

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Podcast Episode #4

Tomorrow evenings podcast we will talk more about the charity event Sunday April 16th. We will go over the rules for a couple of the events and give out some more info on what to expect. Have some questions feel free to ask them tomorrow night. Live on our YouTube page. Or listen the days after on our podcast site.